Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Batman never had this much trouble..

No Mordheim last night since I have played everyone in the campaign now, but I did play a demo of the Batman miniatures game instead. League of Shadows vs Joker's crew and boy, do guns hurt! Keeping up my losing streak from Mordheim, I lost the Batman game too although I think I'm going to have to read up on the rules before I decide whether or not I like the game. Thus far, I enjoyed playing the game, but don't like the mechanics of it. Requiring line of sight at the start of activation in order to get into close combat is a bit harsh when a model with a ranged weapon can move to get line of shoot, shoot, and then move back out of LOS.

I also received my TTCombat vehicles and got them assembled in time to take them to the Batman demo game (although they weren't needed). Really nice kits and a bargain for the price! Two MDF frames (one half size) and two small bits of acylic if you buy the Police variant:

I totally forgot to take pictures of the Police van on the frame but the layout it exactly the same, albeit with four small pieces that you put on the roof of the cab to accommodate the acrylic lights. As usual, very easy to build but I do have a few tips:

The pieces on the frame marked R and F are the axles for the rear and front of the vehicle respectively. When assembling the wheels, note that there are 8 segments with holes in the middle (to attach to the axle) but they are in two different sizes. Make sure you separate the smaller ones from the larger ones before you start gluing, as a wheel is comprised of a smaller segment with hole in it, larger segment with hole in it, segment with hub cap, and smaller segment with the rim of the tyre on it.

I also suggest gluing the wheel segments onto the axle one piece at a time, instead of assembling the whole wheel and trying to slide it on, otherwise it might get stuck half way and if you are using superglue you are going to have to take corrective action with a knife to fix the problem.

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