Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Green Stuff, Green Minis, not painting things Green

So no gaming yesterday because there was babysitting to do, however I did get to spend an hour painting. I wasn't quite ready to start tackling my Bauhaus force yet.. mostly because there were still a few gaps to fill before I put on the base coat, so instead I decided to do something about all that resin grey scatter scenery I have.

After debating what color to spray my Spartan Scenics mess hall benches, I resisted the urge to paint them military green (mostly because I plan to put them on my Aliens corridor terrain one day) and instead painted them.. grey. Hm.

After a brief period where they looked like Picnic Tables In Spaaaaace, they are actually looking okay. Pics to follow.

This evening I broke open the new Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King box and the new minis (particularly the green enemy models) are fantastic. We played the Arcade mode this evening and the Royal Warden, Questing Knight and.. Centaur Chick battled their way through the first two tiles with ease before we ran out of time. Being able to play alongside my kids - instead of directing my minions against them as the Dark Consul - was great and although I need to double check a few of the rules, Arcade mode seems pretty solid.

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