Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

So my Middenheimers were consistent in the final game of the TAGS Mordheim campaign, going out first in the seven way skirmish with a series of pretty bad rolls (5 attacks! No wounds :( ) leaving me with half my guys out of action by turn 3. There was a rout test, it was failed (naturally) and for my poor, beaten up mercs, the war was over.

Overall I really enjoyed playing Mordheim (even if I didn't quite finish painting my warband up by the time the campaign concluded) but it was a little disappointing to confirm what most people say about the game e.g. take as many cheap models with two hand weapons as you can get. It's not that I didn't enjoy the challenge of trying to make my warband work.. but at no point did I feel like my strategy of protecting my guys was finally starting to pay off. Oh well, should we play it again, I have more than enough bits left over to make 14 unarmoured henchmen all dual-wielding clubs.

The upside of going out early was that I finally, finally got to play a game of Infinity with my own Ariadna models (instead of a demo game at a con). I lost, naturally, but I can't really blame the dice too much because for every B:3 ranged attack that should have hit but didn't I would pull off a couple of very unlikely armour saves.. so most of my casualties were just down to user error on my part. We have a few weeks before the Infinity escalation league kicks off so I will hopefully have the time to get my Bauhaus painted up for the tournament and make a start on my Ariadna before the league starts.

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