Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Lumps Have Lumps

So my Middenheimers have now played six, lost six. Against the sisters of Sigmar, things were going okay on my left flank where I managed to take a few models out of action but on the right flank where all the action was.. bleh. My leader, champions, swordsman and an extremely unimpressive freelancer all piled in against a slightly larger group of sisters and nothing happened. The following turn, more sisters piled in and very quickly all my decent guys were out of action, leaving only the two young bloods, two marksmen and a champion. They were preparing to face the tide of red and white coming in from the right but inevitably I couldn't keep making those bottle checks and the game was up.

Match six was against dwarves and it turned into a real meat grinder. I managed to get my opponent to start making bottle checks (a first) but when you are a dwarf warband with leadership 10, bottle checks don't worry you very much. My Middenheimers did their best to wipe them out but as my high leadership guys started to drop out, it was inevitable that I would fail a bottle check before I could finish the job and that's exactly what happened. To add insult to injury my leader ended up with six rolls on the serious injury chart. Ouch! All things considered, it could have been a lot worse but missing the next game - along with the -1 M - is going to relegate him to hiding at the back from now on.

..and just in case they DID leave you with a few pennies..

These three are already available on their eBay store:

Edit: Ooops, the items are no longer available.

Monday, 23 March 2015

TTCombat - Taking All Your Monies

So after my latest TTCombat order I was pretty sure I was done with MDF terrain simply because I've run out of space to store it all once built. And then those bar stewards at TTCombat come out with this:

Edit: The item is being revised and is currently not available.

Well, maybe I can find space for one of those. One.. or two..

Edit: ...and it's available to buy! For £35 too. Madness!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Warband Woes

So four games played and four games lost. I really thought I was going to turn it around this time as a lucky crossbow shot early in the game wounded a ghoul and it riccoched into the nearby vampire, causing him a wound as well. My swordsman henchman charged into combat and finished the vampire off and in an alternate dimension the game was a fantastic success. In reality, my attempt to contain the undead horde on two fronts stalled them for a few rounds but while my warband repeatedly failed to hit or wound for the rest of the game, my opponent fared better and soon over 50% of my Middenheimers were out of action. Naturally I failed the bottle test (again) and it was game over for me. To add insult to injury, one of my young bloods actually died so now I need to replace him. Bother.

On the plus side I also played my first game of X-wing tonight and finally the rules clicked. I look forward to fielding my Scum and Villany ships next week after the next - inevitable - Mordheim defeat.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Bulfar's Expedition - We Fail, Professionally!

Here they are, all six of my mighty* Middenheim Mercs, assembled and green stuffed and ready for their second and third outings tonight.

Sadly, the mad scramble for loot in the ruins of Mordheim was once again filled with Epic Fail and Ulric himself was no doubt facepalming by the end of it. Versus the Dwarves, Bulfar's Expedition lost a henchman to an intercept from another henchman and then my captain's duelling pistol promptly blew up and took him out of the game. My next turn came around and my crew promptly bottled it.

Versus the Vampire warband, Bulfar and his men fared little better. With the enemy closing in on three fronts the Middenheimers cowered in a building  until there was nothing more to do that kick open the door and run screaming into the approaching horde of undead. For a brief moment it looked as though they might plow through the strongest part of the enemies lines but once again, the captain and henchman went down and a bottle test was failed.

Ho hum. Maybe if I paint them this week, they will reward me with better performance.

Friday, 6 March 2015

I did not survive the auction unscathed..

So another round of TTCombat auctions has been and gone. I picked up a second bridge and the church (so.. I guess if I ever run the Witchfire Trilogy again, I'm sorted!), another warehouse and two building sets.

I love the smell of MDF in the morning!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Not in the face!

So, yesterday I made my first trip into Truro to meet up with the Trelawny's Armies Gaming Society and there I played - and lost - my first game of Mordheim. My poor Middenheimers got it in the face (all six of them) and there were plenty of injuries to go around. It wasn't until the end game that I discovered that models who are on the ground when you fail your morale test are considered "Out of Action" so my tactic of going hero-strong didn't really help me very much since only one of them was on his feet at the end..

..but next time I'll know better. Hide everyone behind a wall and send the henchmen out first!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Hahahahahaha. Best. Penultimate. Card. Ever!

Slogging my way through Into The Eye, the last scenario in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I've run into the big bad three times already and scraped through on each occasion. I'm out of time, out of cards and there's only two cards left at this location.

I know that if the next card ISN'T the villain then it has to be the final card at the location. And just to highlight that, the penultimate card is a spell: Detect Evil.

No shit.