Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Warband Woes

So four games played and four games lost. I really thought I was going to turn it around this time as a lucky crossbow shot early in the game wounded a ghoul and it riccoched into the nearby vampire, causing him a wound as well. My swordsman henchman charged into combat and finished the vampire off and in an alternate dimension the game was a fantastic success. In reality, my attempt to contain the undead horde on two fronts stalled them for a few rounds but while my warband repeatedly failed to hit or wound for the rest of the game, my opponent fared better and soon over 50% of my Middenheimers were out of action. Naturally I failed the bottle test (again) and it was game over for me. To add insult to injury, one of my young bloods actually died so now I need to replace him. Bother.

On the plus side I also played my first game of X-wing tonight and finally the rules clicked. I look forward to fielding my Scum and Villany ships next week after the next - inevitable - Mordheim defeat.

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