Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Lumps Have Lumps

So my Middenheimers have now played six, lost six. Against the sisters of Sigmar, things were going okay on my left flank where I managed to take a few models out of action but on the right flank where all the action was.. bleh. My leader, champions, swordsman and an extremely unimpressive freelancer all piled in against a slightly larger group of sisters and nothing happened. The following turn, more sisters piled in and very quickly all my decent guys were out of action, leaving only the two young bloods, two marksmen and a champion. They were preparing to face the tide of red and white coming in from the right but inevitably I couldn't keep making those bottle checks and the game was up.

Match six was against dwarves and it turned into a real meat grinder. I managed to get my opponent to start making bottle checks (a first) but when you are a dwarf warband with leadership 10, bottle checks don't worry you very much. My Middenheimers did their best to wipe them out but as my high leadership guys started to drop out, it was inevitable that I would fail a bottle check before I could finish the job and that's exactly what happened. To add insult to injury my leader ended up with six rolls on the serious injury chart. Ouch! All things considered, it could have been a lot worse but missing the next game - along with the -1 M - is going to relegate him to hiding at the back from now on.

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