Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Bulfar's Expedition - We Fail, Professionally!

Here they are, all six of my mighty* Middenheim Mercs, assembled and green stuffed and ready for their second and third outings tonight.

Sadly, the mad scramble for loot in the ruins of Mordheim was once again filled with Epic Fail and Ulric himself was no doubt facepalming by the end of it. Versus the Dwarves, Bulfar's Expedition lost a henchman to an intercept from another henchman and then my captain's duelling pistol promptly blew up and took him out of the game. My next turn came around and my crew promptly bottled it.

Versus the Vampire warband, Bulfar and his men fared little better. With the enemy closing in on three fronts the Middenheimers cowered in a building  until there was nothing more to do that kick open the door and run screaming into the approaching horde of undead. For a brief moment it looked as though they might plow through the strongest part of the enemies lines but once again, the captain and henchman went down and a bottle test was failed.

Ho hum. Maybe if I paint them this week, they will reward me with better performance.

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