Sunday, 11 January 2015

Project Progress

Partly fuelled by WildChevy's 60 Days of Painting challenge over at Beasts of War, I also made some progress with Projects 2, 4 and...6. What can I say. Project 6 is now "Paint my Imperial Assault" minis and it made it into the painting queue because Star Wars.

I've painted more of my Undead Legionnaires although I'm struggling with the paint scheme. I had intended to go with the traditional mega-corp colours for each Legionnaires.. but since they would have all come from the same theater on a single planet, those corporate troopers would probably be wearing fatigues suitable for the same kind of environment. So green and tan Capitol zombie is fighting alongside blue and white Bauhaus zombie.. and it just doesn't look right, even with a lot of distressing and weathering.

As for the Star Wars / Infinity conversions, I have almost finished the Trandoshan now and as soon as I have a lightsabre technique that I'm happy with, I will start on the two Jedi. White + 3 coats of clear varnish + 2 coats of clear varnish with dayglow pigment isn't working out as well as I hoped. 3 coats is nowhere near enough to create a barrier between the white and the blue, and the pigment powder is so strong that even a tiny bit seems to complete wash out the white underneath. More experimentation is required.

Finally, I've made a start on the hero models that come with Impeial Assault. So far I've only undercoated them and put down the base colours on two, but that's still further along than most of my other work! Also, Wayland shipped my Taurox just before Christmas so Project 3 is getting closer to being 'complete' - I just need to order the wheel kit from Victoria Miniatures and perhaps some arms too.

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