Sunday, 11 January 2015

December hobbying.. in January. Old Town Scenics - Townhouse B

There wasn't an awful lot of hobby time over the Christmas period and the OhGodOhGodOhGodIHaveSoManyEmails week upon my return to work, but there was at least some time to put together more of the excellent Troll Trader TTCombat buildings, starting with the smaller of the two townhouses, Townhouse B.


As with their previous house sets, there isn't much need for a step by step assembly and this time around, the stairs are actually long enough to reach the ground floor (7 steps instead of 6 with Townhouse A). Yay! Unfortunately, the stairs still 'slot on' to the upper floor. Hopefully with later sets (or even when their stock of the current sets run dry) the people at Troll Trader will fix some of the 'bugs' including the arrangement of the stairs.

Sorry about the varying photo quality and lighting - I don't really have a booth set up so it's usually just a case of snapping the pictures with my smartphone wherever I am at the time.

As with the other houses I have made so far, I would recommend gluing the ridge to only one half of the roof - this will make it easier to lift off the roof (albeit in two pieces) for gaming. Also, I have continued to glue the chairs together the wrong way (aka my way) as I prefer the taller, narrower look to the way they are in the official photos. So another fun 40 minute build and for the price, a great addition to the tabletop.

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