Sunday, 11 January 2015

Old Town Scenics - Warehouse

When I first saw this building on eBay, I had my doubts about how big it could really be because clearly the Troll Trader have an A4-sized cutter (although if they want to sell theirs and upgrade to an A3 one.. I am so sold on mdf terrain that I am totally in the market for a machine now!). Fortunately, this building really does feel like a (small) warehouse once complete and although it comes on 7 sheets, that is simply a reflection of the size of each component rather than the complexity so you are only looking at 35 minutes or so to cut out, sand and glue everything together. Price wise, it comes in at around £16 and when you compare it with their awesome looking Pub Bar Hotel in the Old Town Scenics range, it becomes clear that the pricing is simply an indication of the number of the number of sheets in the set rather than the complexity or usefulness of the build.. which is a pretty fair way of doing things.

As suggested above, this is a nice simple build and it's only the weird crates with the two bands around them that are at all fiddly to build. There is one 'ooops' moment when attaching the side walls to the floor piece, however.. the cuts for the holes are not flipped (because the wall is facing the other way) so the tabs don't line up. It's an easy fix though, you just need to snip off the tab.

This one issue aside, it's really hard not to see the potential of this warehouse. Sure, it isn't quite tall enough to warrant walkways and support beams up in the roof but it would be right at home on a table used for the Batman miniatures game, I reckon. I just hope the Troll Trader release an expansion kit for this set. 1 x floor panel, 1 x front and back wall and 2 (slightly shorter) roof sections and you could make this thing two, three or four buildings wide. It would look ace! One tip though - sand down the backs of the doors where they slot into the floor piece and upper rail - it's a bit of a tight fit othewise and it won't be easy to slide the doors open and closed once they are painted. In fact, I would probably leave the doors and upper rail off until after painting it complete.

The miniature used for scale is the Rail Golem from Malifaux on a 50mm base (I believe). So although the building itself is not very fancy (compared to the Townhouse A or the as-yet unbuilt Tower), the footprint is great and the potential is excellent. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use this in a modern day game, either, and I think it will probably be the first of the TTCombat buildings I will actually paint. It may not be as swish as the two warehouse offerings from Sarissa Precision (which I have seen but sadly, don't own) but for this price it's pretty damned hard to beat.

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