Saturday, 22 November 2014

Market Stalls.. complete!

So the market stalls were very easy to build, with each one only taking about ten minutes and that's assuming you are sanding off the burrs for each piece. The large gazebo type stall comes on a sheet of it's own, where as the smaller stalls are two to a sheet.

No build steps are needed for these stalls - you just need to make sure that when you make the big one that you insert the two notched beams into the slot cut into the side of the stalls. It's the only thing you can get wrong and naturally, as soon as I started gluing things to other things, I got it wrong. This is how it should look:

When complete, the large stall looks like this:

The pair of canvas stalls look like this:

The pair of wooden stalls look like this:

Note that I didn't cut out all of the produce that comes with the stalls; the loaves of bread were fine and the wine bottles were OK (but a little annoying to cut out). The apples and bananas, however, were too small to bother with IMHO. Instead I will probably buy the produce set from Warlord.

I purchased all of these stalls as a bundle for 7.95 but the three different types can also be purchased separately for 3.95 each. With two of the bundles you would have more than enough stalls to make a street market to spruce up your game of Malifaux, Mordheim or D&D.

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