Friday, 14 November 2014

I made a miniature!

..and if you replace "I" with "Brother Vinni" then that statement is totally true!

The female military specialist, expertly sculpted and cast by Vinni, is a comission of my X-Men character Kelly Lasseter. A mutant with a strong defensive ability but only low level super strength, she broadens her options with a range of modern day weapons and gadgets, as well a pair of kukri that can bypass tricky things like invulnerability and intangibility. I have been playing this character for a long time. A super long time. So long that I honesty expect her to show up on an episode of Agents of SHIELD. 

Kelly is like a scrappy Black Widow - no tradecraft to speak of and she lacks the former's finesse and agility.. but Kelly's regenerative abilities will keep her in a fight a lot longer. So a moderate close combat threat, good ranged accuracy with average ranged damage, average evasion and speed, moderate resistances but hey, she gets wounds back every turn..

..and now I have a miniature for her! Five, in fact!

Hopefully I will get up the courage to paint her now that she is available to buy direct from Vinni because 5 screw-ups is not outside the realm of possibility.. especially when I'm competing against this!

Hopefully I will get to use her in Pulp City once the next book comes out, but for sure she will exist as a Super System character now that 4th edition is now available.

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