Saturday, 15 November 2014

In case you buy that Female Military Specialist..

The mini for Kelly comes in three parts - the body and right arm (with gun), the left arm, and the backpack. Due to the material and the way the mini is sculpted she is super easy to convert.

For example, since the character is supposed to be very tall - and I always wanted the mini to fit in with Infinity and Pulp City minis (which are a little taller in scale than your average 28mm figure) it was simply enough to make her taller. Want to make that gun look more like a PDR-C? That's super easy too, you can just trim a bit off the underside of the stock. Don't like the way the kukris are facing on her backpack? You can chop them off and swap them over to the other side so that the handles are pointing over her shoulder.

But why are they facing that way, I hear nobody ask. How are you even supposed to draw them like that?

The sheath is designed to be open at the back, almost the full length of the sheath. Each kukri is kept in location (B) because of the lip (D) and the tension of the spring at the back of the sheath (A). To draw the weapon, the user grasps the handle, pulls the blade back a few millimetres, twists the handle slightly and then the kukri can be draw easily through the gap (C).

When sheathing the kukri, the tip slides into the 'groove' created by the lip (D) and that guides the blade into place as the user pushes down.

Over engineered much? Of course!

Would this even really work? Who knows!

However, if you had super awesome powers of regeneration and you are carrying on your person a pair of weapons that can defeat regeneration and invulnerability.. and you are regularly going up against people who are faster or stronger than you, do you really want to have those handles pointed over your shoulder so that when your opponent stands in front of you he can grasp the handle, pull the kukri out of the sheath and plunge it straight straight into your collarbone?

Probably not.

So, over engineered it is!

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