Friday, 13 January 2017

Progress on the wrong thing is still progress, right?

So it seems January is the month for trying to finish off small projects as I build myself up to some of the bigger ones that have been sitting for half a year (or more) on my painting table. My Warzone 2.0 tokens are done and I just have another 100 to make before I can give them out:

..and after some trial and error with printing the 'promo' cards, not to mention my requests for icons etc falling on deaf ears, I have figured out how to proceed with the production of them and I they are about set for Artscow:

I also painted a few more Undead Legionnaires for Warzone and finally got around to assembling my Necromutants, all of which I need so I can record a small tutorial on how the "Turning" rule works in 2.0. But perhaps most importantly, I finally finished my son's mech, his Thunderbolt TDR5-SS. Overall I am happy with how it turned out although I will probably add some decals later, and I may reposition the left arm since it is about 1mm futher back than the right and when held at the correct angle it is very noticeable.

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