Tuesday, 21 July 2015

TTCombat Apartment Progress

So things are coming together for the modern day apartment stuff that arrived recently and I have almost finished the assembly. Because I also purchased a brick stencil from the Troll Trader I have broken the apartment down into three distinct stages to make it easier to paint:

1) The base plate with steps and railings. They will be sprayed at the same time as the sidewalk set.
2) The exterior shell (minus the windows) which should be easy enough to paint because I will be able to lay the stencil flat against the walls.
3) The detail pieces  (window and door frames plus some extra bits I might add to cover the joins) which will be painted separately and glued into place.

Finally the building will be weathered to unify the three separate elements.

The only thing I haven't decided on yet is how I will handle the interior; Two apartments per floor of four, lift or stairs?

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