Monday, 1 June 2015

UK Games Expo 2015

So the UK Games Expo happened this weekend, my first time at the show, and what little I saw of it was great. Really, really great. I'm convinced now that a convention hasn't really hit the big time until they start screening cult films. Watching Flash Gordon in a room where just about everyone can sing along to the theme tune and quote the best bits in unison was very.. comforting. It felt like home.

Of course, I wasn't just there for Flash Gordon - I was primarily there to participate in the Warzone Resurrection International which ran through Saturday and Sunday. My Bauhaus were soundly defeated in three out of my five games, with another loss that might have been turned around into a last minute win if we hadn't ran out of time. I enjoyed it never the less and it was really interesting to see how the meta differs from how I thought the game would be played. For example, out of the five people I played, only two really used any cards; Everyone else used their resources to add additional action points or increase a weapon's rate of fire. Rapid Deployment - although nerfed in the week leading up to the event - was still pretty devastating, especially the Capitol Air Cav with their fragmentation ammo. High RoF weapons and high Invulnerable Armour saves were the order of the day; My Bauhaus list had neither and combined with my terribad dice rolling, my army was not exactly competitive. Hopefully when the Bauhaus Dragoons and Blitzers make it into the game, I will have more options for a competitive list isn't filled with Etoiles and Fisty Vulcans :D

I also failed to secure a copy of AvP (boo!) as the copies allocated to KS backers went like hotcakes on the Friday - no surprise there - but at least I got to have a look at the game components and of course the painted models, some of which are in the pictures below. Hopefully my copy will be here in 4 - 6 weeks and I'm expecting some MDF sci-fi terrain corridors in the same delivery window (hopefully) so that I can make a game board for AvP!

Also, I really want one of these:
So, all in all, how was the UK Games Expo, Andy?

I agree.

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