Thursday, 12 February 2015

MDF: Good! Ronin: Awesome! Painting Progress: Some!

So I managed to make it to PAW on the weekend where I played a game of Wild West Exodus (neat system and minis but luckily for my wallet, there isn't a faction I am really drawn to) and Ronin (2 x 2 board? Handful of miniatures? Simple d6 system? Sold!). I picked up a new Bauhaus starter to supplement - or replace - the Bauhaus minis I got from the Warzone Kickstarter plus a few bits and pieces from Ainsty. Riding a brief wave of motivation, I spent a few hours on Sunday and Tuesday night working on the Undead Legionnaires from Project 2 and most of the base colours are down but I'm still finding it hard going and things are looking too messy to really bother with pictures.. hopefully I will be able to work on them tonight and tidy them up a bit.

Finally the Troll Trader peeps took my suggestion on board about the Warehouse extension kit and it is already selling on their eBay store. Despite the fact that I've just about run out of room, I'll pick up the warehouse + extension, plus another extension, in anticipation of receiving my Batman rulebook in a few weeks time.

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